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Posted by Simon Steed on November 14, 2023 Support and Maintenance Umbraco Umbraco Tech Support

Umbraco support and maintenance: keeping your website at peak performance

In the constantly changing modern digital environment, the health and efficiency of your website are paramount. As a freelance expert offering umbraco support and maintenance packages, I provide essential services to businesses relying on this flexible cms. My focus is not just on routine upkeep but on ensuring your website is secure, efficient, and constantly at the forefront of digital standards.

Regular updates to your umbraco platform

Staying current is key so where possible, I ensure your umbraco website incorporates the latest features and security enhancements, maintaining compatibility with evolving web technologies. These updates are critical for both enhancing functionality and protecting against digital vulnerabilities. With my dedicated support, your website will always run the most recent version of umbraco, shielding your online presence from emerging threats.

Efficient troubleshooting and problem-solving

Issues can arise unexpectedly, but swift and effective troubleshooting keeps your website running smoothly. I tackle everything from fixing broken links to resolving compatibility issues, ensuring any problems are quickly and proficiently addressed. This proactive stance helps prevent minor glitches from becoming major obstacles.

Performance optimisation for a superior user experience

A fast, responsive website is essential for user engagement and seo rankings. I focus on optimising various aspects of your site, such as image sizes, code efficiency, and effective caching strategies. Regular maintenance under my care ensures your website loads quickly and operates seamlessly, crucial for retaining visitors and boosting your search engine visibility.

Comprehensive security checks and safeguards

With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, robust website security is a must. My approach includes regular security audits, monitoring for unusual activity, implementing strong firewalls, and ensuring reliable data backups. This vigilant security strategy protects your website and its users from data breaches and other cyber risks.

The value of ongoing support

Consistent support is the backbone of a well-maintained website. Beyond addressing technical issues, I offer user training, respond to queries, and provide strategic advice to enhance your site. This ongoing engagement ensures your website not only aligns with but also evolves alongside your business objectives.


Effective umbraco support and maintenance go beyond reactive fixes; it's about a proactive strategy to manage your digital presence. From routine updates and troubleshooting to optimisation and security, my services are pivotal in keeping your website functioning at its best. Invest in professional freelance support for the reliability, safety, and success of your umbraco website.

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