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Posted by Simon Steed on November 14, 2023 Support and Maintenance Umbraco Umbraco Tech Support

Efficient and secure hosting for Umbraco websites

Selecting the right hosting solution is critical for websites, particularly those powered by a comprehensive CMS like Umbraco. It's not merely about having your site on a server; it's about backing your digital presence with a platform that's both dependable and optimised for your unique requirements.

The significance of specialised Umbraco hosting

Umbraco is celebrated for its adaptability and ease of use, necessitating a hosting environment that complements its specific demands. This includes a server environment tailored for Umbraco, crucial for optimal site performance. Our specialised Umbraco hosting offers not just space but also the technical acumen to effectively manage this environment.

Dependability and constant availability

Reliability is paramount in website hosting. Your site must be continuously available to your audience. Our Umbraco hosting guarantees high uptime, ensuring your website is consistently online, avoiding downtimes that could harm user experience and your brand's reputation.

Robust security measures

In an era of increasing digital threats, securing your website is vital. Our hosting includes rigorous security protocols, regular updates, and backups to defend your site and user data. A secure hosting environment provides peace of mind and maintains your visitors' trust.

Performance optimisation

Speed and efficiency are crucial for both user experience and search engine rankings. Our hosting services are designed to ensure swift loading and smooth operation of Umbraco sites, utilising high-performance servers and optimised settings for the Umbraco CMS. A quick-loading site enhances user experience and boosts your search engine position.

This site runs in our own hosting environment - you can see how fast it performs so your website can benefit as well.

Scalability for your evolving needs

Your hosting should evolve with your business. Whether it’s increasing traffic or expanding content, our hosting can scale to meet your growing needs without compromising on performance or security.

Access to expert support

Expert support is invaluable for managing hosting-related issues or optimising Umbraco performance. Our dedicated support ensures any challenges are handled promptly and efficiently.


The choice of hosting service for your Umbraco website is integral to your site’s overall performance and reliability. Our specialised Umbraco hosting offers a comprehensive service that elevates your site’s security, efficiency, and scalability. With the right hosting partner, your Umbraco site will not only perform optimally but also stand as a secure, reliable platform for your digital presence.

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